Seven going on 13

My children, the oldest of whom is 7, are home schooled.  Mommy has set up the classroom in the bonus room, and every day after breakfast she spends several hours up there as teacher and commandant.  Sometimes she gets pushback from the troops.

Several weeks ago, my oldest, a second grader, wrote about her “best recess”.  The assignment entails writing a draft, then copying it to a journal.  In her original work she completed the draft but did not copy it to the journal.  Part of this week’s assignment was to redo the entire assignment, because she had had some new experiences which could be included.  The pupil, however, didn’t feel that redoing the draft was necessary and wanted to just copy the original draft into the journal.  A tug-of-war began:

After a stern talking-to, she once again was instructed to write a new draft:

She hasn’t decided whether she’s going to start law school in the fall or run for office in 2012.


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